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Process Development

Our accredited training and development events are designed to meet the requirements of your team in the management of emergency situations on your asset. 

Evolution has been able to draw upon an extensive pool of experienced industry professionals who have first-hand experience of a wide variety of incidents in order to then embed these as credible scenarios within the models. These can be set to run automatically on a defined timeline, yet also allowing ad-hoc actions (injects) to occur as necessary during any session. The degree of realism and immersion in the scenarios is therefore maximised, engaging all participants fully. 

Our range of development events can be tailored to meet your individual requirements while always drawing on good international practice. Our range of development events includes but is not limited to: 


  • Control Room Operative  

  • Offshore Installation Manager 

  • Platform Black Start Procedure 

To enquire about a course please contact us at

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