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Evolution Response

Empowering High-Hazard Asset Management with Real-Time Incident Tracking and Response.

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Real-time Incident Reporting: Users can quickly report incidents and provide essential details, ensuring timely response and effective incident management.

Incident Severity Classification: The app allows users to categorize incidents as minor, potential major, or major, enabling appropriate allocation of resources and response strategies.

Comprehensive Incident Details: Users can provide specific information about the incident, such as incident levels, products involved, casualties, alarms triggered, and other relevant data to facilitate thorough incident analysis and resolution.

GPS Tracking and Mapping: The app integrates GPS technology to track the location of high-hazard assets during incidents and provides real-time mapping, enhancing situational awareness for responders.

Incident Notification and Alerts: Users can receive instant notifications and alerts regarding incidents, ensuring all stakeholders stay informed and can take immediate action when necessary.

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