Immersive Development events

Our team of emergency response consultants and scenario design experts have industry-leading experience in the development of immersive experiences across many high hazard sectors.

Our immersive development events are designed to improve the confidence and competence of your team whilst testing your company response procedures. Our bespoke internationally accredited events deliver these objectives through utilising industry-leading software to deliver company-specific identified scenarios to your team in their workplace.

The use of immersive events is recognised as the future of training within the high hazard industry with substantive cost and effectiveness benefits to the operators.​

Some of the Feedback on these events include

  • The Digital animation created a realistic scenario to possible incidents which could occur within the business

  • Far quicker and cheaper to set up than real physical simulations

  • More aligned to learner needs, with customised scenarios to match their sites

  • Run through more scenarios, in a shorter time

  • I really enjoyed this part of the training as you were able to visualize a real scenario and allowed you to put into practice what was learnt from the training information provided.

  • Realistic pressure from the immersive environment.