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Evolution Pre-Plans

Efficient Planning, Seamless Response: Empowering Effective Incident Preparedness and Continuity with Evolution Pre-Plans.

Dynamic Pre-Incident Planning: The app enables users to generate customized pre-incident plans by inputting relevant data, ensuring comprehensive preparation for potential emergencies and incidents.

PDF Generation and Document Management: Users can effortlessly generate PDF versions of pre-incident plans, business continuity plans, and response plans, facilitating easy sharing, printing, and storage.

PHAST Modelling Integration: The application seamlessly integrates PHAST modelling capabilities, allowing users to perform hazard analysis and visualize potential consequences over desired assets for enhanced risk assessment.

Centralized Database: All generated plans are stored in a centralised database, providing a secure and easily accessible repository for plan management, version control, and historical reference.

Real-Time Plan Updates: The app allows for real-time plan updates, ensuring that plans are always up to date and reflecting the latest client needs, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

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