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Pipeline Emergency Response

Due to the large number of pipeline incidents that occur across the globe it is essential that operators of high hazard pipelines understand their expected response to a pipeline incident. These incidents can be exceptionally challenging to manage due to the dynamic nature of the incidents. We assist our clients in the development of pipeline emergency response plans, training of all levels of staff and testing of responders in realistic scenarios. 


We currently deliver our pipeline emergency response officer (pero) and pipeline emergency response manager (perm) courses in both a multi company and bespoke environment across the globe with great success. Our courses are designed to be very interactive with opportunity to deliver a practical element if required. 


Our Pipeline Emergency Response Officer course is designed for those personnel with a responsibility for attending offsite pipeline incidents involving hazardous products. This course is designed to assist the responder with assessing the situation, escalating the incident, mitigating environmental damage and liaising with oncoming response teams.


Our Pipeline Emergency Response Manager course is designed for those personnel with a responsibility of managing offsite pipeline incidents at a tactical and strategic level. The course involves the management of growing incidents and includes input on legal responsibilities, managing reputation and initiating remediation procedures.

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