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Offshore Services

Asset Response supports site personnel training and organisational preparedness for a range of high-risk critical operations, including MEM (Major Emergencies Management), focused high pressure well control activities and full facility Black Start scenarios. 

Asset Response is also able to be utilised as a validation of competence tool with all actions logged allowing for a robust debrief and review against expected actions. The mobile nature of this tool mean that it can be utilised on a single screen or from networked screens to replicate the platform control room. This combined with our other immersive software enables our unique ability to provide development of crew resource management through the combining of events for fire teams, installation managers and remote role players.



Models are available covering the separate unique approaches needed to safely handle high risk situations for any offshore production facility or on our pre designed generic kestrel platform. 

 The level of detail provided within each model ensures that all relevant inputs to the control room are represented, using DCS process graphics, process and system alarms, CCTV, plus zoned fire & gas detection. Similarly, all essential response output actions can be made from the system, including site wide alarms, production shutdowns, pressure monitoring and blowdowns, firewater system control and much more. 

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